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General Beading Class Information

Classes will be held at the locations indicated on the current class schedule list, be sure to BRING YOUR GLASSES or any additional task lighting that you might require. If you need a schedule, please call the above number for one to be mailed or e-mail for a schedule via e-mail.

Private lessons are always available upon request. The rate is $20.00 per hour, 2 hour minimum. This gives you one on one with the teacher for beginning, special projects, advanced requirements, or continuing education. The sky’s the limit. Private groups of four or more will be at the class rate.

Tools required: Chain nose pliers, Round nose pliers, side cutter. Needles and thread: Size 10 needles, Nymo D, thread scissors, beeswax (optional).

Classes available (ask for more)

Herringbone Wire Wrap: Encase beads with this wire wrap reminiscent of a herring bone. This weave makes a stunning necklace. SUPPLIES: Tools required, 20 gauge and 26 gauge wire.

Nan Nets: This is basic netting 101. You will start a bracelet in class and fall in love with the laciness of the technique. SUPPLIES: Needle and thread, 2 tubes seed beads, and two tubes drops.

Biconia: This is almost an invisible weave. the bicones fit together like bricks. A great cuff is yours for the making. SUPPLIES: Needle and thread, 139 6 mm bicones.

Prism Bracelet: This right angle weave is 3-D beautiful. Make this terrific bracelet for yourself and your best friend. SUPPLIES: 194-4mm bicone crystals, needle and thread and a clasp.

Basic stringing and earring making: This is where to start. Learn to make your own necklaces and bracelets using flexwire and crimp beads and learn basic earring making in this two hour class. SUPPLIES: Tools required, head pins, ear wires, flexwire, crimps, and lots of beads of your favorite color.

Basic knotting: Learn this classic technique used for pearl stringing. Students will make a floating bead necklace in this two hour class. SUPPLIES: Carded silk with needle attached, bead tips (2), clasp, needle nose tweezers, and lots of beads or pearls 8mm or larger.

French Beaded Flowers: Learn the basic technique for this age-old craft. Students will make one flower during this 3 hour class. SUPPLIES: Tools required, 30 grams 11/o seed beads, large beads for flower centers and 28 gauge wire.

Basic wire wrap or Beaded wire link: Learn to make fabulous necklaces and bracelets by making your own wire links with beads and finish it with a handmade clasp. This is a three hour class. SUPPLIES: Tools required, 20 gauge wire and 8mm or larger beads of your favorite color.

Crystal Wire Angel: Make this pin for holiday gifts and make everyone feel special. You will be the hit of the season. SUPPLIES: 4 feet of 20 gauge wire, 10 crystals for wings, and a larger one for the head, tools required.

Wrap A Wring: Wrap several special beads into a great ring. SUPPLIES: Tools required, 4 feet 20 gauge wire and 6 – 8 beads (8mm)

Big Spiders: Learn this wire technique and make these fantasy spiders for Halloween and everyday of the year. They make great conversation pieces. SUPPLIES – 28 gauge wire, seed and bugle beads, tools required

Crystal Square: This is a fabulous pendant for gift giving. Learn right angle weave in the process, while using the Swarovski crystals for extra shine. SUPPLIES: Needle and thread, 96 crystals of your favorite color.

Ndebele+ bracelet: Herringbone stitch is used to create this lovely wristband with a button closure. Make it as wide as you like, using different colors to compliment the center row bead. SUPLIES: Needles and thread, different color Delicas for each row, and a center row bead, (4mm fire polish, small silver bead, crystal, etc.)

Snake Chain: This style of chain maille makes a slinky, make-a statement bracelet. Using 12 gauge square sterling links, expect a lot of comHerrpliments. SUPPLIES: Tools required, 100-10mm inside diameter 12 gauge sterling links.

Tile Bracelet: We will use square stitch and cube beads to make this bracelet reminiscent of of a tiled walkway. This cuff makes a great presentation. SUPPLIES: Needle and thread, 2 tubes cube beads.

Stick pin: We will make a coiled wire bead and mount it on a hand-made hair stick or stick pin for your lapel. SUPPLIES: 2 feet 20 gauge wire, 3 feet 22 gauge wire, 1 or 2 beads for accents.

Chandelier Earrings: With 20 gauge wire and 12 special beads, create your own chandelier earrings and learn to make your own ear wires, no other parts needed. SUPPLIES: Tools required, 20 gauge wire and 12 beads.

Brick Stitch Bangle: See this project featured in the October/November 2002 issue of BEADWORK magazine. Learn the basic ladder and off loom brick stitch to make this great bangle. Stack several together! Wear an armload!!! Beginners welcome in this 3 hour class. Wire will be available. SUPPLIES: Tools required needles and thread, 20 grams 8/o round seed beads, charms for dangles optional.

Multi-strand brick end bracelet: This great multi-strand bracelet is held together by brick stitched ends and a bead or button of your choice. SUPPLIES: Needles and thread, 8/0 seed beads, a soup of lots of different beads and a bead or button of your choice.

Basic peyote stitch: Learn this most popular off loom stitch and make a mini-amulet pouch in the process. There of lots of fun for beginners in this 3 hour class. SUPPLIES: Needles and thread, 11/0 seed beads or two tubes Delica beads, larger beads for fringe and strap.

Bead a Bimbo: Covering a wooden bead, make this face your alter ego. Learn peyote decrease on a form. SUPPLIES: Flesh, hair and face color delicas. Needles and thread. Wooden bead supplied.

Star Tag: Learn the basics of odd count peyote and how to follow a pattern and make this dramatic pendant. Wear it with Lone Star pride. SUPPLIES: Needles and thread, two contrasting colors of Delica beads.

Peyote Mini-Beads: Another project for learning basic peyote stitch. Make beads to create a necklace or bracelet. SUPPLIES: Needles and thread, two colors of Delica beads.

Basic Square Stitch: This is a good beginning class for learning off loom weaving. Students will make a bracelet in this 3 hour class. SUPPLIES: Needles and thread, one tube each Delica beads in several colors and a favorite button.

Square Stitch Monogram: Perfect for a pin or pendant. Please register for these two weeks in advance for the initial can be graphed for you. Learn square stitch while you monogram your initial. SUPPLIES: Needles and thread, two tubes of contrasting color Delicas.

Cubed Square Stitch Bracelet: Use square stitch to make this color block wrist band with crystal cubes as the closure. It’s a great look. SUPPLIES: Needles and thread, several colors of Delicas, and 8 crystal cubes.

Bead Crochet: Put your crochet skills to work and make durable yet flexible ropes for bracelets and necklaces. This is a revival of an old craft. SUPPLIES: Size 20 crochet cotton, 8/0 seed beads and a 1.5mm steel crochet hook.

Wire Crochet Necklace: You will make a chunky yet lacy necklace in this class. Great with summer dresses. SUPPLIES: Tools required, “0” steel crochet hook, 2 cones, clasp, 28 gauge wire and a bunch o’ beads.

Tubular Right-Angle weave: Learn this stitch and make a lariat with fringe ends. The key to learning this is the thread is always at a right angle for each bead. Not for the faint of heart, but beautiful results in this 3 hour class. SUPPLIES: Needles and thread, 40 grams size 10 twisted hex, size 8/0 hex or rounds, and extras beads for fringe edge.

Right angle weave cuff: This is a great wrist band made in 6/0 seeds. You will learn flat right-angle weave. We will close the cuff with small buttons (beads) and loops. For you antique collectors, you may even need a glove or shoe button hook to close this. SUPPLIES: 30 grams 6/0 beads, 10 grams 11/0 beads and small beads of buttons for closure, needles and thread.

Bead Bug: Did the bead bug bite you? Show the world! Make this bug and pin him on you so everyone knows! SUPPLIES: Tools required, beads large and small, 3 feet 18 gauge wire.

Chicken Clucks: These whimsical chick figures are a hoot! Using tubular peyote, make one for each of your friends to give at the next “hen” party. SUPPLIES: Needles and thread, 15 grams 8/0 seed beads, assorted beads for the feet, beak, eyes and comb, and 3 cotton balls.

Crazy peyote: Create a patchwork delight in this 2 hour class. Basic knowledge of peyote required. SUPPLIES: Needles and thread, 6/0, 8/0, 11/0 seed beads, 11/0 triangle beads, and drops enough to make a “soup”.

Basic Loom 101: Learn this time-honored technique. In this class, we will learn to warp the loom, do the weaving and finish the ends after the piece is cut off the loom.

Bead a Bic: You can learn the basic peyote stitch and make an attractive pen cover in this 3 hour class. Great for gifts. You will be thought of every time they pick up the pen to write. Pen will be furnished. SUPPLIES: Needles and thread, Delica beads, two contrasting colors.

Wrap a Wrock: Bring that special memento, a shell or rock from the beach, something without a hole in it and make a beautiful pendant in this 2 hour class. The possibilities are endless. SUPPLIES: Tools required 18 gauge wire, and your rock.

Wire Basket: Make a fun basket in this 2 hour class. You will learn a basic basketry technique and have a real conversation piece too. SUPPLIES: Tools required, 18 gauge wire and at least 40 yards of 24 or 26 gauge wire.

Bead and Wire cuff: With 16 gauge wire as the frame, string bead soup of your choice on 22 gauge wire and wrap the frame. for a delightful cuff. A great way to use leftovers! SUPPLIES: Tools required, 2 feet 16 gauge wire, 8 feet 22 gauge wire, and LOTS of beads!

Twisted Wire Link Bracelet: Learn to twist wire and make jump rings using a jump ring machine to fashion this classic bracelet in this three hour class. SUPPLIES: Tools required, 15 feet of 16 gauge sterling wire and 30 feet of 18 gauge sterling wire.

Spiral Brick Snake: Learn a variation to the basic brick stitch and make a wonderful rope necklace. If snakes are not your thing, we can transform it into a lariat with fringe ends in this three hour class.. SUPPLIES: Needles and thread, 50 grams of size 8/0 beads, and one (snake) or two (lariat) larger beads that coordinate. Make of mix of your favorite colors.

Brick Stitch Earrings: Learn brick stitch basics and fringing techniques while making this classic and elegant earring style. SUPPLIES: Needles and thread, 2 contrasting colors Delica beads, and ear wires.

Brick stitch basket: Learn circular brick stitch in this three hour class. We will build a base and sides to make a basket with lid to house your snake from spiral brick class. A must for your snake! SUPPLIES: Needles and thread, 50 grams size 8/0 beads.

Brick Stitch Medallion: This is a beautiful medallion to wear on a cord choker length. Make one to match each outfit. SUPPLIES: One flat-side disc bead and coordinating seeds, 8/0, 11/0, cubes, triangles, etc., Needles and thread.

Crystal Ball: You will learn right angle weave while creating this beautiful crystal ball! SUPPLIES: 30 bi-cone Swarovski crystals any size, Needles and thread.

Crystal Ring: A right angle weave variation that you can wear on your finger! It is a splashy entrance to any party. SUPPLIES: 40 bicone Swarovski crystal beads, seed beads to match, Needles and thread.

Ndebele rope: Use triangle beads and the herringbone stitch to make this wonderfully slinky rope, great for necklaces and bracelets. You will want many of these. SUPPLIES: Needles and thread, three tubes of Miyuki triangle beads of contrasting colors. (Three tubes will make a 30” rope approximately).

Ndebele pyramid bracelet: Learn this herringbone weave variation of the classic stitch for a very unique and eye-catching bracelet using bugle beads and 11/0 seed beads. SUPPLIES: Needles and thread, 20 grams of #2 bugles and 10 grams of 11/0 seed beads.

Leather and bugle bead bracelet: This easy to make bracelet is good for casual dress. Wear several! Longer bugle beads make it more dramatic. SUPPLIES: Needles and thread, 3 feet of leather, bugle beads and a button or bead for closure.

Bead Embroidery: Learn the techniques of bead embroidery with this class. Bring a 6 x 6 inch piece of patterned fabric and see what develops. SUPPLIES: Fabric, needles and thread, beads of corresponding colors to match fabric.

Peyote Spiral Bracelet: This bracelet is tubular peyote and the spiral is achieved by changing the sizes of the beads and this variation is a delight to make. It is a spectacular piece when finished. Peyote experience required. SUPPLIES: Size 12 needles and thread, two tubes 6/0 seed beads, 8/0 seed beads, 11/0 seed beads, patience and a brave heart.

Flat Chain Maille: Learn this basic chain maille from medieval times. This technique makes a very slinky bracelet. SUPPLIES: 150 sterling jump rings, clasp and tools required.

Queen’s Link Bracelet: Using 16 gauge, 6 mm inside diameter sterling links, learn this beautiful version of a chain maille technique. 18 gauge, 5 mm inside diameter will make a smaller bracelet. SUPPLIES: 150 sterling jump rings, clasp, tools required.

Jen’s Pind Link Bracelet: This simple link bracelet can be used as a charm bracelet or wear it plain. It makes a great gift. SUPPLIES: Tools required, clasp and approximately 100 sterling jump rings.

Wire working classes offered are inspired by Lynne Merchant. The art of wire bending leaves endless possibilities for jewelry and sculptural interpretations. Lynne is the pioneer of contemporary wire art.

Blue Moon Bead Key Ring: This wire technique requires a lot of wrapping, three different sizes of wire are wrapped one over another over another. The effort is well worth the end product. SUPPLIES: Tools required, 9 feet 18 gauge wire, 30” 16 gauge wire, and 18” 14 gauge wire.

Wire Tassel: Use a basket weaving technique to make a great tassel for a pendant, key chain, rear view mirror ornament, the possibilities are endless. SUPPLIES: Tools required, 28 gauge (spool) and 5 feet of 18 gauge.

Wrap a gift rock: Learn this Lynne Merchant variation on wrap a wrock. A different technique is used for a wonderful display of your special rock. SUPPLIES: Tools required rocks, and 18 gauge wire.

LynneLink: This is a wonderful handmade chain. Learn how the originator of contemporary wire art makes this heavy-duty chain. SUPPLIES: Tools required, 20 feet of 16 gauge sterling wire, ruler.

Naked Link: Another handmade chain with a distinctive long link inspired by Lynne Merchant. Connect these with bead links, handmade jump ring., Imagination rules. SUPPLIES: Tools required, 18 gauge sterling wire (4 inches per link)

Wire Ring: Make a ring to wear. This is all handmade with two pieces of wire. This is a fun project. SUPPLIES: Tools required, 12 inches of 16 gauge sterling wire, 6 feet 20 gauge wire.

Etruscan Link Bracelet:This is a beautiful, sleek and very wearable bracelet. It is a classic design from ancient times. SUPPLIES: Tools required, 1 foot 14or 16 gauge wire per link to fit your wrist.

Bead and Wire Bracelet: This is a great bracelet to showcase a special lampwork bead, or make it plain and wear several at a time. SUPPLIES: Tools required, 1 foot 14 gauge wire and 8 feet 20 gauge wire and your special bead.

Chain, Chain, Chain: Learn different wire components to put in one of a kind necklace. We will learn the figure 8, s link, garage door spring and Etruscan link just to name a few. SUPPLIES: Several feet of 22 and 20 and 16 gauge wire, tools required.

Wrapped wire bead link bracelet: Make this 3 or 4 link bracelet with two sizes of wire and 3 or 4 special beads. Learn to make your own clasp and jump rings. SUPPLIES: Beads, 2 feet 16 gauge wire, 4 feet 20 gauge wire and tools required.

Spiral Earrings: Using 18 or 20 gauge wire, learn to make this classic spiral design in a one piece earring. SUPPLIES: 2 feet wire and tools required.

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